With Facebook Avatars, You Will Soon be Able to Customise your Emojis

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With Facebook Avatars, you can express yourself with a character closest to you.

Available by the end of 2019, Facebook Avatars will allow each user to create an animated character in his image to interact on the social network.

While the competition of Snapchat and Instagram is always tougher, Facebook is launching a new feature to try to keep its users. Facebook Avatars is the replica of Bitmoji on Snapchat.

For now, the new tool is only available in Australia but the social network of Mark Zuckerberg promises to extend it to all countries of the world by the end of 2019. Before arriving in France, we explain how you can soon create your custom avatar.

Choose between 12 models

To begin, you will need:

  • click on the emoji icon located in the comments section of your newsfeed or on Messenger
  • select the sticker pack that can be used to create an avatar
You will need to choose your basic avatar from a pack of stickers.
You will need to choose your basic avatar from a pack of stickers. (© Facebook Avatars)

It is currently not possible to create an avatar with his own photo, but a choice is possible between 12 different models virgins, neutral and non-sexed, explains the Blog of the moderator.

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Personalize your avatar with 18 criteria

Then you can customize your character with 18 criteria: hair, skin colour, clothing, accessories, the shape of the nose, mouth, etc.

By offering religious accessories such as the hijab and a wide range of skin colours, Facebook leaves no one behind.

Various options of the new Facebook avatars
Hair, clothes, skin colours … the Facebook avatar is customisation with many criteria. (© Facebook Avatars)

For now, Facebook has not planned to monetize the function for example by opening it to sponsoring clothing brands or accessories. But Jimmy Raimo, the communication manager of Avatars. “It could help to customize the Avatars for sure, and from a business point of view, that would be smart.”

Changes can still be made in the future, such as the possibility to use his avatar in groups instead of his profile picture (to remain anonymous) or to choose the age of his Avatar.

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