Essonne: A Motorist Refusing a Check Drags a Policeman 10 metres

Local News
In Essonne. A motorist refusing a check drags a policeman on 10 meters

A road check on the RN7 in Essonne ended with the arrest of a motorist.

On the night of Friday to Saturday, the police of Essonne (Île-de-France) carried out a road check on the RN7.

At Athis-Mons, they ask a motorist to stop. He refused to stop and be checked, hit a policeman and dragged him 10 metres.

He then fled. The police chase after him and catch him after 15 minutes.

The man is stopped.

In total, two police officers were injured. the first has pain in the shoulder and knees and big burns on the arm. The second has a sprained ankle, burns and knee pain.

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