Children Mowed Down in Lorient: The Passenger of the Car Arrested

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Portraits of two children mowed Sunday in Lorient by a driver, exposed June 12, 2019 at the scene of the accident.

The woman who accompanied the driver suspected of killing a child and seriously injured another in Lorient, was arrested Wednesday 12th June 2019 in Caudan.

It was sought after Sunday, June 9, 2019. The passenger of the driver, suspected of having mowed two children in Lorient (Morbihan), was arrested on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, around midnight, announced the prosecutor of the Republic, Laureline Peyrefitte, at Europe1 .

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After three days on the run, the suspect eventually reported her presence to the police  and allowed herself to be arrested in Caudan, a town near Lorient. She was taken into custody. 

One child killed, the other seriously injured

The driver, aged 20, is still sought after by the police. He is suspected of having killed a 10-year-old child at the wheel of his mother’s car , and seriously injured another 7-year-old after fleeing gendarmerie control. Around 5:30 pm, he drove fast on a bus lane and rolled on the pavement, hitting the two victims, before fleeing. 

The suspect does not hold a driving license. He is known to the police and has already been convicted of unlawful driving offences.

A call for witnesses was launched by the police to try to find him. 

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