Bordeaux: Which Petrol Station is the Cheapest Fuel?

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Where can I find the cheapest fuel in Bordeaux?

Between the ten petrol stations located in Bordeaux, price differences are sometimes important.

While fuel prices have been on the rise since January 2019 and peaked last April , we have found which Bordeaux gas stations are the cheapest .

Diesel fuel: on the right bank

For diesel, you have to go to the right bank to save money. On the Quai de la Souys, Total Access station sells the litre at 1.425 euros

As a comparison, diesel is at 1.572 euros at President Wilson’s Total station on Boulevard, which is 15 cents more. This is the place in Bordeaux where it is the most expensive.

Unleaded 95: at the Grand Parc

For the unleaded 95, the good deal is located at the Total Access station located in the Grand Parc district, on the Godard Boulevard with a price at the pump of 1.525 euros.

On the other hand, prices flounder at the Total stations of President Wilson’s Boulevard and the Paludate wharf, at 1.666 euros per liter.

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Lead-free 98: Chartrons

For the unleaded 98, you must go to the E.Leclerc store station, located in the Chartrons district, on the Cours Saint-Louis, with a price displayed at 1.569 euros.

It is still in the two stations total of the city Gironde, mentioned above, that we pay the most expensive (1.776 euros).

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