Yellow Vests: Here’s the Sum that the State will Pay to Toulouse to Help the City Centre Traders

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Toulouse will receive 300,000 euros from the state to organize operations to revitalize shops in the city center and Saint-Cyprien.

The state will financially help 34 municipalities in France, including Toulouse, to animate and revitalise businesses impacted by the crisis of yellow vests since November 2018.

Six months after the movement of yellow vests, and despite a decline in mobilisation (between 2000 to 6000 people in Toulouse for Act 27 , Saturday 18th May, 2019) and degradation of public space and shops, traders continue to pull out the tongue with a drop in attendance and turnover every Saturday.

A support fund of more than 5.5 million euros

After a battery of measures announced by the state between January and March 2019 , and aid voted by local authorities to traders in difficulty, the government decided to strengthen its support fund by retaining 34 municipalities in the financial aid package.

The state being unable to directly help businesses, it will eventually pay nearly 5.5 million euros to municipalities and inter-municipal, against three million originally planned.

oulouse, the only city of Occitanie helped

Among these 34 municipalities, figure Toulouse, one of the epicentres of the mobilisation of yellow vests since November 17, 2018, the only city of Occitanie selected.

A grant of 300 000 euros

In all, Toulouse will receive 300,000 euros “to engage in activities of animation, promotion and commercial communication to encourage and facilitate the return of customers in the city centre of Toulouse, including Saturday,” says the town hall in a statement.

Braderie and animations in June

The highlight of this “revitalisation” of the downtown business – and the Saint-Cyprien district, affected by degradations and scenes of barricades that will remain in the memories – will take place from 13th to 16th June 2019. It s’ This will include a large sale, like the one organized every year in September. Bandas, contests and animations for the children are also in preparation.

An initiative supported by Philippe Robardey President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIT), Vincent Aguilera for the Chamber of Crafts, and Jean-Marc Martinez for the Federation of traders, artisans and professionals of Toulouse, to “incite consumers to reclaim the city centre area.

Prohibition of protest for four days?

To do this, the mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc, wrote to the prefect of Haute-Garonne, Etienne Guyot, to ask “the ban of any event in the whole of the city centre,” from 13 to 16 June. In case of refusal, the event could be canceled. To be continued…

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