Yellow Vests: 15,500 Protesters in the Streets, Tensions in Nancy and Reims

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A yellow vest Saturday, May 18, 2019 in Reims.

For their 27th Saturday, the yellow vests realised their weakest mobilisation since the beginning of the movement.

The hard core of Yellow Vests has demonstrated Saturday for the 27th consecutive Saturday. The government has announced the weakest mobilisation since the beginning of the movement six months ago, just one week before the European elections.

For this act 27, they were about 15,500 protesters on Saturday in France, including 1600 people in Paris, according to the Ministry of the Interior, the lowest mobilisation since the the beginning of the protests in France last November. Estimates disputed by the “yellow vests” which claim 41,000 people and identify 152 places of mobilisation.

National calls to Reims and Nancy

The “national calls” launched in Reims and Nancy drew approximately 2000 and 1300 people respectively. Tensions erupted and the police used tear gas, as in Lyon and Dijon.

“There are life breakers and window breakers, look where the violence is,” “Macron imposes, France explodes,” could be read on the banners of the procession in Reims, where came about fifty “black block “, according to the town hall, which reports about twenty broken windows. At least two protesters were injured and taken care of by firefighters, degraded street furniture and fire bins, according to an AFP journalist.

“You have to vote, you need a maximum of anti-Macron votes, so that he will see that the people are not happy at all about what he does. At least there he will see. Go vote, no abstention, no white vote, “said Sebastien. And Annie, 52, to assure: “To the Europeans, everyone here will vote against Macron”.

In Paris, the first “yellow vests” arrived on the forecourt of the Sacred Heart in Paris around 5.30pm, final destination of the Parisian party party Defense in the early afternoon.

“Motivation always there”

“There are a few less people but the motivation is still there, I do not fight for me but for my children, my grandchildren, for all those who are in misery, for the migrants that they have a decent life “Reacted with AFP Patricia Richard from Essonne, former host.

According to prefectural figures, 600 people demonstrated in Lens, between 60 and 100 in Touquet, 90 in Nogent-sur-Oise, a thousand in Montpellier, 900 in Ales.

“Those who do not understand us think that we always want more. While we just want to live better. But who is able to live with 900 euros? When I hear Macron say that he did his part, I can not agree, and it mobilizes me even more! Responded Virginie, executive secretary who came to Montpellier, where they were a thousand.


The President of the Republic has indeed estimated Friday the movement of “yellow vests” had “no political outlet”, calling “calm” those who continue to demonstrate and inviting them to vote, or even to stand for election.

“The government may win this round but we sowed seeds,” judged in Toulouse, where they were about two thousand, Aurelian, a thirty-year-old inventor “yellow vest” of the first hour. And draws a positive assessment of a mobilization “which has brought down the masks of an authoritarian power” and succeeded, according to him, “to undermine the image of Macron internationally and to inflict some burn- out.

In Bordeaux, which was one of the squares of the movement, only 450 “yellow vests” demonstrated and joined the parade against Bayer-Monsanto, whose motto was “Monsanto, yellow vests, same fight! “. In Besançon the procession of 300 “yellow vests” joined the rally for the day against homophobia and transphobia.

If May 1 broadly gathered unions and “yellow vests”, Act 26 had brought together 18,600 demonstrators in France according to the government count contested by the “yellow vests”, which counted 37,500.


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