WhatsApp Recommends an Emergency Update of the Application to Counter a Security Vulnerability

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Whatsapp recommends an udate, for security reasons

SPY SOFTWARE: The teams of the instant messaging platform, Whatsapp owned by Facebook, have spotted a security HOLE in the application that allowed anyone to spy on all the activity of a mobile through a simple call

WhatsApp recommends its users to update, as soon as possible, the latest version of the application available since Monday. In early May, the WhatsApp teams, owned by Facebook, have discovered a security vulnerability that allows spyware to infiltrate your phone via the instant messaging application.

A simple WhatsApp call to interfere in your smartphone

This spyware was developed by the Israeli company NSO Group , one of the most advanced companies in terms of surveillance software development, says the Financial Times , which revealed this vulnerability. This security vulnerability allowed anyone to spy on all mobile activity with a simple call via WhatsApp. And this even if the interlocutor did not answer.

It is impossible to know how many victims have been spied through this security hole. Any smartphone could have been touched, those running Android as under IOS. A British lawyer specializing in the defense of human rights has been targeted Sunday, but failed.

NSO Group software that asks question

WhatsApp has about 1.5 billion users worldwide. The company NSO Group, meanwhile, is known for having developed the Pegasus software , one of the most powerful to spy on a smartphone. Software that it sells to intelligence agencies of countries, especially to fight against terrorism. But some states are accused of using the software to spy on political dissidents or members of NGOs. On Monday, Amnesty International filed a lawsuit against NSO Group after being targeted by its Pegasus software in August 2018.

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