VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Kicked Hard in the Back

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was attacked in South Africa

Saturday 18th May, 2019, the actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger attending a competition in South Africa when he was attacked by a fan … who wanted a Lamborghini.

It is a sequence for the least unlikely. Arnold Schwarzenegger took a violent kick in the back as he was attending a jump rope competition in South Africa on Saturday 18th May, 2019.

The 71-year-old movie star and former governor of California was filming a young woman when a man jumped from behind to jump on him with both feet.

The scene was filmed:

Schwarzie barely destabilised

The perpetrator was immediately restrained before being removed from the room and handed over to the police.

But it took much more to bring down “The last rampart” (name of a movie, in which he plays the main role, released in 2013). Arnold Schwarzenegger, who weighs more than 100 kilos, has hardly been destabilised, as can be seen from this angle:

“I thought I was jostled by the crowd”

On Twitter, he was reassured that there was no need to worry.

“I thought I was jostled by the crowd, which happens often. It was only after seeing the video that I realised that I had been hit. I’m just happy this idiot did not interrupt my Snapchat. ”

The aggressor … wanted a Lamborghini

According to CNN , the attacker shouted repeatedly, “Help me, I want a Lamborghini. It is not obviously not that way that he will get it.

It would seem, moreover, that this coup was prepared in advance by “an excited fan,” known to the police for similar acts.


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