Brexit: UK Hopes to Adopt Brexit Agreement by July

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United Kingdom hopes to approve Brexit agreement before July

The British government still hopes to prevent elected members of the United Kingdom from sitting in the newly-elected European Parliament with an agreement on Brexit

The British government hoped on Tuesday to be able to pass its Brexit agreement before July. Downing Street has set a new timetable, saying it wants to agree before the first plenary session of the European Parliament scheduled for 2 July. The aim is to prevent British MEPs from sitting there, three years after the referendum that decided the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU.

“It is imperative to introduce the exit agreement bill (…) ahead of the summer recess,” Conservative Premier Theresa May said after a new session of talks with the Labour opposition. But if “the (British) Parliament has not adopted an exit agreement, approved by the Queen, by June 30th, the MEP’s “sit”, she pointed.

The exit agreement has already been rejected three times by British MPs

The exit agreement concluded by Theresa May with Brussels in November has already been rejected three times by British MPs, forcing London to ask twice for a Brexit postponement in Brussels, initially scheduled for March 29 and now set at October 31 at the latest. later.

In the face of this impasse, the government and the Labour opposition began negotiations in early April to find a compromise on the future relationship between their country and the EU. If no solution emerges from “difficult” discussions with the Labour opposition, the government plans to hold a series of votes on options for the future relationship between Brussels and London.

As a reminder, the European elections will take place on May 23rd in the Brexit country, even though the government has long claimed that it could cancel their holding if its divorce agreement with the European Union was adopted by the British Parliament before.

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