Sud-Gironde and Lot-et-Garonne: Job Alert for Thursday 2nd May

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Latest job offers in Lot-et-Garonne and Sud-Gironde

11 job vacancies in Lot-et-Garonne and Sud-Gironde

In partnership with the employment centers of Langon and Marmande covering the Lot-et-Garonne and the Sud-Girond, eleven job offers to quickly fill in Langon, Barsac, Verdelais and Pellegrue Casteljaloux, Samazan, Fauillet, Virazeil, Nérac and Duras

087HFYP –  Grillardin (H / F)

You will intervene as grillardin
Your missions:
– To receive, to control, to tidy up the goods respecting the rotation
of the products according to the DLC
– To cut the meats and the fishes
– To realize the desserts and sauces according to the data sheets provided
– To cook and send meat and fish
– Clean and maintain equipment and premises
– Fill in the traceability of products
You will have 2 days and a half of consecutive rest.
You have a first validated experience in restoration.
Meals provided for lunch and dinner and benefits in kind
Fixed-term contract 6 months
Hours of work: 43h Variable hours – 8 hours overtime
Hourly wage of 10.03 euros negotiable depending on the profile
Experience 1 year essential

087HVRX –  Wine Help (H / F)

On a vineyard property of 17 hectares, you are in charge of teaming out
the suckering on parcels located in Barsac.
You know how to respect the rules and instructions given.
You work under the responsibility of the team leader.
Ideally, you control the size of the vine.
4 vacancies
Type of contract: contract seasonal work 15 days
Hours of work: 35 hours
Salary: Coll. Agricultural
Desired profile:
Experience 1 year essential

086WSYP –  Life Assistant for People with Disabilities (M / F)

Help with the toilet, dressing, exchange Transfer and accompaniment indoor and outdoor
Motor and intellectual
demands Achieve the delegated gestures related to care
Experience and diplomas desired but your dynamism, your positive attitude,
your empathy, your spirit team and your motivation can make a difference.
Imperative relational ease.
No work on Sundays, May 1 and December 25,
36 hours per week on 3 days of 12 hours, possibility of adjusting schedules
Possibility of sustainability
Type of contract: fixed-term contract 2 months
Duration of work: 36h
Hourly wage of 10.03 euros
Experience 1 year essential

087HTYB – Viticultural aid  for suckering and vine lifting (M / F)


As part of a team, you are responsible for suckering and lifting on
vine plots located in the communes of
You can go to the priority or directly on the plots.
You must have at least one season of experience. Possible accommodation in a
furnished apartment at 8 km .. Schedule 8h to 16 hours with break or 30 minutes on parcel
or 1 hour in a heated room. Hiring at 7H in case of hot weather
Position to be filled immediately, for about 3 months, renewable.
Depending on the candidate’s circumstances and availability, there will be a possibility
continue winter collaboration for other winemaking projects.
Seasonal work contract 3 months
35H weekly
Salary rate from 10.4 euros to 11 euros over 12 months
Experience 1 month of essential experience

087JJKZ –  Automotive Mechanic (M / F)

Peugeot agent in Casteljaloux, we are looking for a mechanic (not) mainly responsible
for fast service (overhauls, brakes, tires …), the preparation of opportunities,
then in auto repair. Possibility of evolution of the post towards diagnosis following profile.
Ability to adapt to the workstation.
CDD 6 months

087JDJX – Team  Leader (M / F)

Landscaper confirmed (5 years minimum), you have a solid experience in the installation of fence.
You will have to supervise 1 to 2 employees and will come from time to time to reinforce the creation teams, that
is why bases in masonry, plantation, creation of watering, sodding …
are necessary.
The salary will be discussed according to your experience and skills.
The position is to be filled quickly but we are ready to wait
if the successful candidate had notice to submit.
The license C and / or BE would be a plus

087hwcg –  Industrial Cleaning Service Agent (M / F)

Your main tasks will be:
-The maintenance of offices, cloakrooms, sanitary: including cleaning the floor,
dusting furniture, evacuation of bins, disinfection of phones.
Taking office at May 6, 2019.
Monday-Friday: 6h-8h45
Monday-Thursday: 16h-18h
(On the same site)
CDD 1 month

087bkns – Order picker  (M / F)

For a customer in the agri-food sector, we recruit and train order pickers and
polyvalent logistics and production agents.
Beginners are accepted but must be available to work in 3 * 8 and commit
to long missions (6 months and more) or temporary CDI.
The individualized training courses will be carried out in connection with the AFPR system
of the employment center and need to be registered as a jobseeker.
Information meeting and selection of candidates on Tuesday, May 07 at 13:30,
at the employment center of Marmande.
Mission 6 months

082VBZC – Formwork  Mason (H / F)

Your main missions will be:
– the creation or the assembly of formwork
– the installation of the formwork and the pouring of the concrete
– the reading of plan
– the establishment of the network EP
– the formwork of manholes
You must know the dosages and bases of the building.
You know how to adapt to different manufacturing techniques.
You must prepare your site with seriousness: tools, materials, security of the surroundings.
The respect of the material is imperative.
You are required to work in a team and must be able to invest
in the task entrusted to its completion and in accordance with the guidelines given.
Pre-recruitment training possible depending on the level of skills.
Fixed term 6 months

076XLVP –  Family Assistant (M / F)

The Maison d’Enfant with Social Character recruits for his family placement service
a family assistant on a permanent contract.
The state diploma of Assistant / e Family is appreciated, as well as the approval
of the PMI INDISPENSABLE (Please specify your application or
CV if you have this approval or if the project is actually in progress).
Zone Nérac

087JLFQ –  Educational and Social Accompanist (M / F)

EHPAD (Establishment for Dependent Elderly) Korian Bellevue is
looking for an educational and social support in collective structure for its protected unit of 26 people.
Attached to the coordinating nurse:
– You contribute to the quality of care for people welcomed
by the provision of hygiene and comfort, in respect of their degree of autonomy.
– You bring help to residents in all the actions of everyday life.
– You participate in the traceability of care actions by attending transmissions and completing the care file.
– You participate in the projects of the establishment (quality approach, animation and leisure activities,
individualized project of the resident).
– You participate in the life of the unit by relying on the Montessori method
and non-drug therapies

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