Pregnant, She Finds a Maggot on her Plate in a Restaurant in Châteaubriant!

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A pregnant woman and partner found maggot in meal in Châteaubriant

A woman from Noyal-sur-Brutz made an unpleasant discovery in a restaurant in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). She found a maggot on her plate!

One evening in April, Luigi Scheweichlein, who lives in Loire-Atlanti (Loire-Atlantique), had dinner with his wife in the Buffalo Grill restaurant in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) .

His wife who is pregnant, had ordered a bib sirloin. A piece of meat in which the couple found … a maggot ! The couple immediately went to complain to the waiters and the management of the restaurant.

“It obviously cut off our appetite immediately and we brought a claim right away. The director came to see us and explained that the maggot came from the salad. There was not a lot of salad in the dish, and for us, a maggot usually comes from the meat … “

“It must not happen again”

As compensation, the restaurant offered the couple to come back another night, to enjoy a free dish. Luigi Scheweichlein believes that it is too little:

It’s a little light, it’s a very disturbing problem. We did not complain but we wanted to warn people to pay attention. We must talk about it if it can increase sanitary controls, pay more attention … It should not happen again. “

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The larva came from the salad

For its part, the restaurant conducted its investigation internally, with its quality department. And explains:

“A foreign body has been identified. This is a larva that came from the salad. This salad is grown in the field, not above ground. This is very rare, but there may be some insects that remain in the salad. “

The case is also more rare and would be a consequence of the lower use of pesticides in crops. In any case this was another chain, this time sandwiches, after a worm was found in the raspberry frozen pastry  also bought in Châteaubriant.

No other larva found in the restaurant

The problem would not be related to a restaurant failure at the sanitary level. “We have a rigorous selection of our suppliers to ensure the food safety of our products. ”

Following the incident, all of the restaurant’s raw materials were checked and no other larvae were found. The restaurant finally reminds that “every day, hygiene checks are made. “

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