On the Eve of the European Elections, the Yellow Vests Continued with Act 28

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Yellow vests continue their protests on the eve of European Elections

Act 28 of Yellow Vests Saturday 25th May, 2019 was attended by 12,500 protesters, according to the Interior Ministry. The lowest participation rate since the beginning of the movement

A hard core of yellow vests continued Saturday, May 25, 2019 to beat the pavement in France, including Amiens and Toulouse , during the 28th consecutive Saturday of demonstrations against the social and fiscal policy of Emmanuel Macron , on the eve of the European elections .

The yellow vests, whose unprecedented movement has lasted more than six months, were 12,500 demonstrators throughout the country, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior released late in the day. This is the lowest participation since the beginning of the movement.

The demonstrations were generally calm.

“A deaf President”

In Amiens, where the President of the Republic was born, protesters said they were determined to “go and get Macron home” by “taking” his city. Between 1200 “yellow vests”, according to the prefecture of the Somme, and 2000 according to the organizers, parade in an overall festive atmosphere, despite some throwing projectiles and tear gas.

In Toulouse, around 2,000 protesters roamed the streets of the centre, chanting the now traditional anti-Macron songs.

“We have a president who is deaf, so we are aware that our protests will not change anything immediately,” Philippe Da Costa, a technician who came with his wife, told AFP in Toulouse almost every Saturday. since the beginning of the movement on November 17th.

“But it is to mark the spirits of people, in the longer term, that we continue to come.”

“Europe, it does not speak to me”

In Paris where two processions broke the pavement, the first, undeclared, gathered according to a journalist of AFP a good hundred people, marching without their distinctive vest – a fact unpublished – at the call of several figures of the movement , including Eric Drouet.

They left the west of the capital and, playing cat and mouse with the police who made several use of tear gas grenades, they then joined the Republic Square.

In the late afternoon, in this square, about thirty people threw projectiles on the police, who responded with tear gas.

Another procession, declared this time, joined Montmartre hill from the Père Lachaise cemetery.

Demonstration of "yellow vests", May 25, 2019 in Amiens.
Demonstration of “yellow vests”, May 25, 2019 in Amiens. (© AFP / FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI)

In Montpellier, where about 950 people paraded quietly, a banner at the head of the procession called out to the government: “Block Blanquer, Castagnons Castaner, Matons Macron”.

In Strasbourg, theater of a “convergence of struggles” between “yellow vests” and walking for the climate, dozens of “yellow vests” were present in the procession for the environment, composed according to the police of about 850 people. At the microphone, one of them blasted the election of Sunday which “serves only to place the friends”.

Lyon also reunited protesters “yellow vests” and climate activists, as in Nantes where up to 500 people marched according to the police, or Dijon (600 according to the prefecture).

A few hundred “yellow vests” marched in Lille, according to an AFP journalist.

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