How to Make Your Balcony or Terrace Very Pampering?

With the arrival of warm weather, heal the decor on your balcony

Whether you have a small area or XXL space, we give you decorating ideas to fully enjoy your terrace as the summer season approaches.

If sunbathing and sunbeds are indestructible outdoor, more original pieces have also been popular for several seasons. Starting with the acapulco armchair . Designed in the early 1950s in Mexico and inspired by the technique of Mayan weaving, this exotic piece of furniture offers a seat that is both sturdy and comfortable. Black, white, pink, orange or yellow … Side colors, all the fantasies are allowed!

With their airy and cocooning look, the egg chairs offer pure moments of relaxation. Let yourself be rocked by the soothing movements of this suspended armchair for long, sunny afternoons …

For an ever more cozy side, we put on an accumulation of cushions XXL on the ground. They are chosen with ethnic motifs that will breathe an exotic breath to your terrace. An exoticism that is also found in macramé poufs. Finally, outdoor rugs will bring style and elegance to your exterior while remaining in a cocooning spirit.

Treat the decor

Woods and green climbing plants: the winning duo of small spaces .
Woods and green climbing plants: the winning duo of small spaces … (© Mario –

A modern and cosy terrace also passes by a studied decoration. The big trend is in the urban jungle: we put green on our terrace to offer a vegetable break in our daily city life.

Climbing plants have many advantages: they save space in a small space and elegantly decorate a pergola. A wooden ladder, with hanging flowerpots, will also bring a green touch. It is also possible to cultivate fruit trees: dwarf apple, apricot tree or lemon tree … Not to mention the unmistakable cacti easy to maintain and ever more exotic.

After having a beautiful place in our interiors, the bohemian-chic spirit is also inviting on our terraces. Macrame suspensions are a must-have for this style, as are dream catchers, inspired by Native American culture. On the ground, we put on lanterns braided wicker or rattan, always very trendy. Finally, we do not neglect the lights. Garlands, lamps or candles … Create an intimate light atmosphere to enjoy the long summer evenings!

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