Eurovision 2019: In the Top 3 Favourites for the Victory, Bilal Hassani Wants to Keep a Cool Head

Bilal Hassani during his second rehearsal on the Eurovision stage, May 12, 2019

MUSIC: Present in the Top 5 bookmakers since Saturday, the French representative, Bilal Hassani joined the Top 3 this Sunday in the wake of his second rehearsal on stage

  • Bilal Hassani will represent France in the final of Eurovision, which will be broadcast live on France 2, Saturday, 18th May from 9pm.

  • With his song “Roi”, he is, according to the bookmakers this Sunday afternoon, the third favourite for the victory.

  • Bilal Hassani prefers not to look too much at what the forecasts say.

“A good rehearsal is a good way to start the day! This Sunday morning, Bilal Hassani arrived with a smile at the press conference that followed his second rehearsal, well mastered, on the stage of Eurovision.

After creating the surprise on Friday during his first visit, the 19-year-old French singer won aficionados in the press room. Many now promise him a place in the Top 10 in the final – to be held Saturday, May 18 – and some even consider him a potential winner. On the bookmakers’ side, he became Sunday’s third favorite for the win , behind Sweden and the Netherlands.

“I know that does not necessarily mean much”

However, Bilal Hassani wants to stay safe from this small world of odds, bets and odds. “The first thing I did after the first rehearsal on Friday was to give my phone to my mom, so I’m not connected to social networks now. If you see messages or pictures posted on my account, it’s because I asked a friend to publish them for me, explains the artist. I did not know what bookmakers were … until Saturday night. ”

Lizzy Howell, one of the dancers who will accompany her on stage, says that she released the piece – France was fifth at the bookmakers: “I said it was good and there, everyone has done big eyes … ”

“I do not want to look at that,” says Hassani. I know that does not necessarily mean much. It is not wrong to keep a cool head: being in a good position with the betting pros is generally a good sign, but that is not an exact science and there are good surprises and disillusions every year.

“Even the last place would suit me”

Nevertheless, in Tel Aviv, journalists are beginning to question him about his possible victory. “And if you do not win, you would prefer to be second or ninth [9 is his favourite number figure],” he also asked the moderator of the press conference. Answer to tac: “The two of you would go. Even the 26th [and last] place – I do not think everyone is of my opinion. I am not joking. ”

He guarantees him, for him, “singing at Eurovision at such a young age, so [he] has been watching this show for so many years” is already a victory in itself. “My life will continue to be first or last and I would have had at least one chance to participate once in the contest. Or, I’ll do like Valentina [ Monetta, former San Marino candidate ] and I’ll come back three times! The press conference ends as it began: with a big smile.

A second half for Bilal Hassani

With the exception of the Israeli candidate, the host country, who already knows he will be the fourteenth to go on the stage of the Eurovision final Saturday, May 18, the other participants must draw lots to find out they will sing in the first or second half of the show. This Sunday, at his press conference, Bilal Hassani shot a passage in the second half, which, for the most superstitious, would be the most favorable fate. The order of passage of France in the final will be between the fifteenth and the twenty-sixth position. Spain, Italy and Great Britain will also be in the second half, while Germany will sing in the first half. The other finalist countries will proceed to the draw at the end of their semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday.

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