E.coli Bacteria: New Raw Milk Cheeses Recalled as a Precaution

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The cheeses recalled after a suspicion of contamination with E. coli bacteria, manufactured in the Drôme, are marketed under different brands.

Made in the Drôme, these cheeses are believed to have contaminated with E.Coli bacteria, 13 children in recent weeks. The list of products is getting longer.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has extended Thursday 2nd May, 2019  the list of raw milk cheeses  made by the company Fromagerie Alpine which are the subject of a recall procedure , after the contamination of several young children by the E.Coli Bacteria, (bacterium Escherichia Coli).

“The traceability surveys carried out by the food control departments of the departmental directorates for the protection of the population made it possible to specify certain presentations or trade names,” the ministry said in a statement.

The lots concerned

  1. Saint-Félicien or Saint-Marcellin produced by “La Fromagerie Alpine” but marketed among other cheeses in trays. These cheese trays bear on their packaging one of the following 4 approval numbers: FR 35 068 004 EC, FR 59 343 030 EC, FR 63 113 081 EC, FR 84 007 011 EC.
  2. Cheese produced and marketed by “La Fromagerie Alpine” under the names “Romans de Romans”, “Tomme / Sac de Vigneron”, or “assortiment of cow’s cheeses” , all three bearing the registration number: FR 26 281 001 CE.
  3. Saint-Félicien or Saint-Marcellin produced by “La Fromagerie Alpine” and bearing approval number: FR 26 281 001 CE but marketed under the Seillac brand .

The cheeses initially recalled have been marketed throughout France, under various brands (Fromagerie Alpine, Carrefour, Reflet of France, Leclerc, Lidl, Auchan, Rochambeau, Prince of the woods, Sonnailles and Prealpin). This previous reminder concerned all batches from l032 to l116. Fromagerie Alpine has set up a telephone number: 04 75 70 01 01.

Investigations continue

The Ministry of Agriculture recalls that investigations, involving 13 pediatric cases of haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) that occurred since March 21st, 2019, had led this Saturday 27th April health authorities to recall all lots of Saint -Félicien and Saint-Marcellin made by “La Fromagerie Alpine” in Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme).

“The new traceability elements collected justify additional consumer information on the presentation or name of the recalled cheeses listed in the appendix. Epidemiological, microbiological and food traceability investigations are continuing to determine the exact source of infection of the different cases by Escherichia coli type O26.”


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