Châteaubriant: The Forum Saint-Aubin For Sale on Le Bon Coin

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Commercial waste land located in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) the Forum Saint-Aubin is now for sale on Le Bon Coin.

A commercial wasteland located in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) on the Saint-Aubin-des-Châteaux road, the Forum Saint-Aubin is now on sale on Le Bon Coin.

The most recent of the commercial wastelands of Châteaubriant ( Loire-Atlantique ) is for sale on Le Bon Coin . Since April 27th, 2019 , an advertisement is indeed online on the merchant site.

It was in 2008 that the commercial units of the Forum Saint-Aubin were inaugurated. In 2010, two stores belonging to the Vivarte group, Chaussland and Défi Mode, came to live there. Before turning on his heels three years later . Since the departure of the Action store for the Horizon zone in September 2018, the six-cell set is empty. Proposed for rent, business premises have still not found takers . Their owner, who does not seem to despair of finding potential tenants, has also put all on sale.

A craft zone to create?

Located on the road to Saint-Aubin-des-Chateaux, the Forum Saint-Aubin is not strictly speaking in the middle of nowhere. It adjoins the very active supermarket Hyper U. And the activity could return to this area since a giant playground should open in a few months. Will that be enough to convince potential buyers? In all, the set proposes as stipulated the announcement “6 cells in rough concrete from 2 100 m ² to 650 m ²”. Their use can be commercial as artisanal, it is besides a craft zone that counted to see forming on the zone the owner of the Forum Saint-Aubin. A project that may happen without him, if he manages to sell the whole.

Yet it is a good investment that had made ten years ago Pierre Le Duff, CEO of the group Le Duff. Even more recently, the real estate developer explained that it was convinced that there was still some way to go to find a second life at the Forum Saint-Aubin. Since the announcement of Le Bon Coin, Pierre Le Duff has not been available to answer our questions.

More than 4 million euros, it will be necessary to pay to acquire the Forum Saint-Aubin, located road of Saint-Aubin-of-Castles in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique).
More than 4 million euros, it will be necessary to pay to acquire the Forum Saint-Aubin, located road of Saint-Aubin-of-Castles in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). (© Le Bon Coin screenshot)

For sale more than 4 million euros

On Le Bon Coin, the building, with a total surface of 7000 m is proposed to 4 568 868 €. A relatively high price compared to the market, given the visibly unattractive location of the whole. Still, the building, which is barely ten years old, offers many qualities such as high energy performance and a 250-seater car park.

His main problem seems to be just … where he is! Like other areas of Châteaubriant, the site suffers from the formidable competition of the Horizon area and its sister area Vents d’ouest.  Ideally located on the south axis which allows to leave the city towards Nantes or Saint-Nazaire, the zone Horizon is undoubtedly the one which sees the most important traffic pass each day. As a result, investors who want to try their luck in Châteaubriant prefers, and far, to any other site.

While many stores have taken up residence in 2018, some as Action have chosen – and have not regretted – to move there, other signs are still announced . Last name announced, Zeeman, who will open one of its cheap ready-to-wear boutiques. And of course, in September, the long-awaited Decathlon , whose site does not go unnoticed, will open its doors. What attract more new shops and sit a little more success in the Horizon area.

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