Auto Test: Toyota Relaunches Camry, in Hybrid Version

The new version of the Toyota Camry, in hybrid version.

After 15 years of absence, the Camry resurfaced. Toyota launches this 8th generation with a single hybrid mechanic not misused 218 hp. The price starts at 36 900 €.

Toyota is going through a period of nostalgia. He has just revived the Corolla , put in brackets for twelve years by the Auris . And now, after fifteen years of absence, the name of Camry that stands out to reinvest the niche of large sedans.

4.88 m long

As the time is green and Toyota has become the champion of the hybrid , the window has reopened to market a new Camry 4.88 m long and towed by 218 hp out of a mechanical twinning a gasoline engine and an electric motor. A mechanics that is not exclusive since it takes the new RAV4 and its common platform, namely a petrolengine 2.5 liters of atmospheric 177 hp backed by an electric motor of 118 hp, which gives a power total of 218 ch.

With just 1,600 kg on the scale, the Camry Hybrid has a top speed of up to 180 km/h but a 0 to 100 km/h in just 8”3, for CO2 emissions around 100 g/km depending on the rims of 17 or 18 inches.

The Toyota Camry is back, in hybrid version
The Toyota Camry is back, in hybrid version (© Philippe Lacroix)

More comfort and equipment

Thanks to the battery pack under the seat, the Camry Hybrid has a very low center of gravity and its rigid structure contributes to good road quality and excellent comfort.

On the road, she keeps a nice agility given its size and the power steering offers a good feeling behind the wheel. The wadded suspension absorbs well the speed bumps but generates a slight roll in a tight bend. However, understeer is well fought. However, the CVT box still shows its limits on the sporting and sound, even if palettes solidaire steering wheel give the impression to use 6 reports.

The Toyota Camry is 4.88 m long.
The Toyota Camry is 4.88 m long. (© Toyota)

In calm driving, as it should be for a hybrid, it is more convincing and allows to hang a consumption exceeding just 5 liters. Note also that the transition between thermal and electrical is well controlled, offering great moments of silence in urban areas.

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A wiser design

In recent times, Toyota had launched into a style “manga” very angular and sometimes tortured, not always good taste for a European. For his new Camry Hybrid, as for the Corolla, he returned to more consensual lines. However, the designers wanted to sign their work by a fold on the quarter panel and a bump at the feet of the windshield posts, a little useless, while the huge low grille compromises the overall elegance of the whole.

The interior atmosphere of the Toyota Camry Hybrid
The interior atmosphere of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, rather traditional, exudes quality … (© Philippe Lacroix)

As for the indoor atmosphere, it is flattering and exudes quality of finish with a rational dashboard hosting a GPS screen alas placed under the aerators, so a little low. The head-up display is appreciable but reserved for the high or optional finish. The large cockpit is appreciated by the rear passengers and the generous trunk with the happy idea to receive a standard spare wheel galette keeping a capacity of 524 liters for luggage.

In terms of equipment, the Camry benefits from a full range of advanced driver assistance technologies and likely collision avoidance.

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