Airbus: Flying Vehicles Over Traffic Jams? “It’s Not Science Fiction Anymore”

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A partnership was signed between Airbus and the RATP group to study the integration of flying vehicles in urban transport.

Airbus and RATP will study the integration of flying vehicles in urban transport: “this is no longer science fiction,” says the aircraft manufacturer of Toulouse. Details.

Imagine. From Toulouse airport , your Airbus A320 lands in Paris-Orly . From there, a flying vehicle allows you to reach the Capital safely, in less than ten minutes, avoiding traffic jams. This crazy project is called City Airbus . It is a flying taxi with electric propulsion . And this is not science fiction!

A partnership with RATP

On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, Airbus and the RATP group announced that they had entered into a partnership to “explore the feasibility of urban air mobility services in the Paris region”.

In a joint press release, the two companies explain:

“Airbus and the RATP group will focus on analyzing the conditions for developing this cost-effective service offering, and work on intermobility and urban integration in order to make the flying vehicle accessible to as many people as possible.”

“It’s not science fiction anymore”

With this in mind, the RATP group and Airbus intend to develop this new transport offer in other major world cities. Guillaume Faury , president of Airbus, explains:

“Airbus is currently developing autonomous and unmanned technology demonstrators to help connect people more quickly. It’s not science fiction anymore. It is a fact. Today, we have all the technical bricks. But we must harmonize them in order to integrate them into everyday life without calling into question the priority that is security. RATP is a major international player for urban mobility solutions. His knowledge of the user, his needs and the associated services makes him the ideal partner for Airbus.”

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