Weather: The Sun at the Highest in Brittany for this Great Easter Weekend

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Great weather announced in Brittany for this Easter weekend.

Météo France forecasts forecast a lot of sun for this great Easter weekend in Brittany. With temperatures that tickle the 20 °.

The big sun that illuminates Brittany this Friday 19th April, 2019 is heralding a beautiful weekend on the region, while many summer visitors are expected until Easter Monday.

It will take advantage especially until Sunday, because a disturbance could bring some rain from Monday afternoon.

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In the meantime, no worries, heading to the beach, even if on the North Coast, temperatures should not pass the 20 degrees mark.

Plenty of sun over Brittany for this weekend.
Plenty of sun over Brittany for this weekend. (© Météo Bretagne)

Temperature records … in February

Heat records so no one should fight recorded since the beginning of 2019 , as emphasised by the forecaster Meteo Bretagne Sébastien Decaux.

“We can see that the mildest days – up to 22.6 °, were often recorded either on February 27th, when records had fallen, or yesterday, on April 17th. Only the cities of Quimper and Rennes experienced their maximum temperature at other dates”

“This weekend, a stream of north will therefore slightly temper the heat of the sun . But there should still be a lot of people on the beaches and on strikes, because the high tides are in the rendezvous! (March 31-April 1). “

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