Weather in Charente: Clouds Arrive from the West

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Clouds will arrive across the Charente later today

WEATHER: A dry start this morning for the Charente with some cooler temperatures, but clouds and Rain will arrive from the West later in the day

It is rather nice and cool this morning in Charente, but according to the latest forecast from Meteo france, more and more threatening clouds will arrive from the west and could give rain in the evening.

It will be 18 ° C in Angoulême and Cognac during the hottest part of the day.

A westerly wind will blow moderately to low.

The rest of the week should be rather changeable with a mixture of clouds, wind and rain in between some sunny spells.

Afternoon Weather forecast for the Charente
Afternoon Weather forecast for the Charente department (Photo: Meteo France)

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