Vendée: A Truck Carrying Three Lions, Victim of an Accident on the Highway

Local News
Three lions were in this circus truck in a traffic accident in the Vendée.

Thursday 25th April, late morning, a truck carrying three lions collided with a car on the A83 near the town of Petosse (Vendée)

Thursday 25th April, late morning on the A83 Nantes-Niort near the town of Petosse (Vendée).

Firefighters from Fontenay-le-Comte are involved in a traffic accident 2 km before the Auzay-Ouest area .

Three lions

“Low kinetic” lateral shock between a light vehicle and … The truck of a circus carrying three lions.

Two people are unscathed. A third is slightly injured.

The cages of the felines, who are well, have held. “We’re glad we did not have three lions wandering the A83,” the firefighters say.

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