Sud-Gironde and Lot-et-Garonne: Job Alert for Wednesday 24th April

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14 job vacancies in Lot-et-Garonne and Sud-Gironde

14 job vacancies in Lot-et-Garonne and Sud-Gironde

In partnership with the Pole-Emploi employment centers of Langon and Marmande, 14 job vacancies to quickly fill in the Lot-et-Garonne and Sud-Gironde departments. There are vacancies in Bazas, Sauveterre-de-Guyenne, Villenave d’Ornon, Barsac, Langoiran, Soussac, Saint-Symphorien, Mauriac, Camiran, Marmande, Soumensac and Guérin

086XRGJ –  Live Animal Pickup Driver (M / F)

33 – BAZAS
You will have for missions, under the responsibility of the responsible Supply Vives, to:
– To prepare the tour (vehicle, trip)
– To carry out the tour with the breeders (region New Aquitaine)
– To organize and control the loading of the containers
– To ensure the delivery of live animals to the slaughterhouse in optimal conditions of transport,
respecting animal welfare, defined schedules,
rules of quality and safety of goods and people
– Carrying out the report of end of tour
You You must have the EC license and the FIMO / FCOS.
Having CACES 3 would be a plus. Amplitude from 19h to 03h
13th month, mutual company, provident, meal basket, participation, Profit-sharing
Contract for an indefinite period
35H Night work
Salary negotiable according to profile
Daily trips (Regional) 

086XZWQ – Host / Cashier  

You carry out the following missions:
1 / Checkout =
– Standard telephone
– Reception, information and customer advice
– Opening and closing of checkouts (with counting)
– Registration and payment of customer purchases, preparation of invoices
– Management of accounts customers / returns, credits, rebates, down payments, gift vouchers, etc.
– Identify errors price + preparation labels specials for sellers
– Management of discount vouchers
– Proposal loyalty card to customers
– Maintenance of your workstation
2 / Implementation radius =
– Participation in inventories
– Putting on shelves (control of deliveries, shelving of products, change of labels etc.)
– Orientation and customer information – Maintenance of shelves
Between 28 hours and 32 hours per week.
Permanent – 28h – Work on Saturday
Hourly wage of 10.03 euros

086VJLY  –  Development Manager of the Arab World (H / F)

Your tasks:
You have the responsibility to create the lists of contacts to concretize
contracts for participation in scientific trips and training of the NGO
You manage the sending of emailing information and contacts
You plan your phone reminders, to increase the loyalty of your contacts
and develop partnerships
You animate your networks and participate in communities of targeted contacts
(reminders, news, maintaining active contacts, participation in forums
of different communities, publication of newsletters, dissemination of ads … )
You are responsible for managing incoming and outgoing calls
You make customer appointments with companies and organizations
interested in the offers of the NGO You realize your offers, contracts, correspondences, answers
Contract for an indefinite period
35H Normal hours
Monthly salary from 2 000 euros to 2 100 euros out of 12 month

086WDBM –  Administrative and Commercial Assistant (M / F)

– Order / Invoice Registration
– Bottle Inventory Management
– Monthly Customs Authority (EDMS)
– Preparation of orders and shipments (small quantities).
– Preparation Trade Shows (send mail and invitation email)
– Recovery of unpaid invoices
– Preparation of orders for early
sales – Revival of customers (private and professional)
– Preparation and organization of events (Open House, animation to the estate …)
– Insure visits and sales to the estate.
Contract for an indefinite period
35H Normal hours
3 months trial
Salary: 1500 euros net per month

086YBHT – Host / Cashier 

As part of a replacement for a maternity leave,
you will perform the following missions =
1 / Checkout =
– Standard telephone
– Reception, information and customer advice
– Opening and closing of crates (with counting)
– Registration and settlement of customer purchases, billing
– Accounts receivable management / returns, credits, discounts, down payments, gift vouchers..etc
– Identify errors price + preparation promotional labels for sellers
– Coupons management – Proposal loyalty card to customers
– Maintenance of your workstation
2 / Shelving =
– Participation in inventories
– Put in shelves (control deliveries, shelving of the products,
change of the labels.etc)
– Orientation and intelligence of the customers
– Maintenance of shelves
Contract with fixed duration 6 months
35H Work on Saturday
Hourly wage of 10.03 euros

086DPBM –  Wine Help (M / F)

You are in charge of the suckering of the heads of vines, legs, lifting.
The plots are located in the vicinity of Romagne and Saint-Emilion
Taking a job at the head office, then carpooling on the plots.
2 positions neither housed nor fed.

Job start early May Seasonal work contract 3 months
35H Normal hours depending on the growth
Hourly wage of 10.13 euros
Travel: Never

086YRNB –  Nurse / Nurse in Geriatrics

URGENT – Nursing in EHPAD.
You will work one weekend out of three.
The daily hourly amplitude is 11:30: from 8:00 to 19:30.
You have an appetite for working with the public welcome. Fixed-
term contract – 1 Month
35H Work Saturday and Sunday Monthly salary
1800 euros over 12 months

086YSNT –  Wine Help (H / F)

You will carry out various viticultural works such as:
– Picking
– Lifting
Your mission will be 2 to 3 weeks depending on the weather and the evolution of the activity.
You will have your weekends off.
term contract 15 days
35H Variable hours
Hourly wage of 10.03 euros

086YVHX –  Worker / Viticulture Worker

You will perform all the ways that size with electric pruner.
You master the driving of tractors with tools.
You hold the certiphyto and know how to adjust the sprayer.
You have good knowledge of wine growing
and have a good foundation in the winery, in winemaking
You work on self-emptying tanks
You have good knowledge of mechanics to ensure the maintenance of equipment
You are able to supervise Seasonal and have the desire to evolve
to a second position of exploitation
Passionate about viticulture, you want to evolve
in a developing company.

Permanent contract 39H Normal hours
Salary: negotiable according to profile

086YSWM –  Agricultural aid in arboriculture (M / F)

Your main mission is the thinning but you do various jobs for the orchard
A first experience would be a plus
Contract seasonal work 15 days
Weekly working time 35H
Hourly wage of 10.03 euros
Beginner accepted

086xgxs –  Graphic Designer 3 D (M / F)

47 – SOUMENSAC We are looking
for a rigorous, serious and involved 3D graphic designer with a firm experience
of at least 6 years in modeling, texturing, animation (architecture, urban planning …)
proficiency in 3DSMAX
Liberal profession – Self -employed job
Desired profile 6 years experience

086XYJJ  –  English Administrative Management Assistant (M / F)

For one of our members, we recruit a management assistant M / F
– who has the command of English (Lu, written, spoken).
In a family business, specializing in the wine sector,
you will be responsible for the administrative, commercial and logistical management
of the company’s activities, in collaboration with the manager.
You work on the computer, so you have a good command of the computer.
You have a good pronunciation in French and in English.
You are organized, you know how to manage priorities.
Beginner accepted / part time evolutive on full time. Schedule from Monday to Friday.
Permanent contract
Weekly working time 35H
Monthly salary from 1 523 euros to 1800 euros over 12 months One-off
travel (departmental)
Beginner accepted
Language: Good English required
Driving license B light vehicle desired

086XNQT –  Homemaker (H / F)

Urgent we are looking for a housekeeper (H / F) on the Marmandais
You intervene at private homes in the afternoons.
Contract for an indefinite period
Weekly working time 12H Irregular hours
Hourly wage of 10.03 euros
Daily trips
Experience 6 months in the household
Sense of organization
Training CAP, BEP or equivalent Personal service – life assistant
License B light vehicle required

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