Pays de la Loire: Secours Catholique Seeks “Summer Families” for Holidays

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The Secours Catholique seeks volunteer families to welcome children for the summer holidays.

Who wants to give a holiday to a child this summer? Secours Catholique is appealing to volunteer families.

The family home vacation of Catholic Relief of Loire-Atlantique is celebrating its 50 years.

As every year, the departmental delegation prepares holidays for children who, without it, would not go on vacation.

Forced to refuse holidays to children …

The delegation of Loire-Atlantique organises information meetings, as in Chauvé,  Monday 23rd April at 8pm, to present this volunteer:

“We need new families to embark on this beautiful human adventure. Unfortunately, every year, Secours Catholique is forced to refuse many children this time of bloom due to lack of vacation families .”

Three weeks in July or August

To do this, volunteers must find families who agree to open their homes for three weeks in July or August , “to help these children discover another environment, to make new friends, to live others. experiences and have, they too, a summer to tell in the fall.

“Beautiful stories are born of these encounters, as can be witnessed by young adults, who have maintained links with their “summer family”.”

The main criteria are the desire to help a child grow up and to have the material and safe conditions of home. During the whole stay, an interlocutor is reachable and available, and one to two family visits are scheduled.

information Information meeting, Monday 23rd April, 8pm, room Killala, behind the town hall, in Chauvé . Such. Marie Droneau on 02 40 64 89 59. Information on 02 40 29 04 26 or [email protected]

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