Notre-Dame: All Paintings will be “Safe During the Day”

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Franck Riester (C) speaks on the forecourt of Notre-Dame cathedral

The Minister of Culture Franck Riester announced Friday 19th April, 2019 that all the paintings of Notre Dame had survived the fire and would be transported to a safe place

The paintings of Notre-Dame “have not been damaged” and will be “secured in the day,” announced Friday, April 19, 2019 the Minister of Culture Franck Riester on the forecourt of the cathedral consumed by flames Monday .

“The paintings inside the cathedral have been preserved from the flames and can be removed, deposited and transported in secure reserves (…) These tables have not been damaged (…) they are in almost normal conditions.”

“The entirety of the paintings will be removed during the day,” said the minister, surrounded by Heritage and historical monuments.

17th century works

The paintings, especially the Mays, large paintings once offered by the corporation goldsmiths of Paris were deposited, neatly packaged and placed in trucks that were to lead them to “secure places”, probably in the Louvre.

Among these paintings include works by Laurent de La Hyre and Charles Le Brun, two painters of the seventeenth century.

After sheltering these treasures, only four works, equally intact, but not yet accessible for security reasons, should remain in the cathedral.

“Today we are in a very positive state of mind regarding the works that were in the cathedral,” said Franck Riester.

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