Normandy: The Stray Dog ​​in L’Aigle Has Been Caught and will not be Euthanized

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The stray dog in L'Aigle has been caught and will not euthunised

The dog who wandered for about a month in the streets of L’Aigle was caught and made safe Monday 22nd April, 2019.

For about a month, a dog wandered in the streets of L’Aigle (Orne). Fearful, the animal was not allowed to approach. The information circulated on Facebook and as often, “it went into a spin,” said Mireille Lecuy , president of the animal protection association ( un Toit pour Bece ) who quickly alerted the municipal police and the town hall “so that he is not euthanized.

Fortunately, Mireille Lecuy was contacted by an resident of L’Aigle who had spotted the dog in the parking lot of the Mazeline school and who had noticed that he was sleeping in his hedge. “We began to feed him by shifting his bowl gradually to bring it into the yard of this person,” says the president.

Eventually, the animal was caught Monday 22nd April, 2019 and put in safety.

Baptized Merlin

A dozen years old, he is neither tattooed nor chipped.

“We do not know who it belongs to “.

He suffers from the hindquarters (the president of a roof for Becej thinks he may have been hit by a car) and purulent otitis. “He was taken to a veterinary clinic for exams.”

Baptized Merlin by the resident of L’Aigle who fed him, this nice dog “has a base and will not be euthanized” rejoices Mireille Lecuy.

A dog story that ends well.

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