My Million: A Million Euro Winner at Jard-sur-Mer

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The owners of Le Ressac in Jard-sur-Mer, delighted to have a millionaire client

A winner to a million euros with the code My Million of the French loto games in Jard-sur-Mer.

On February 26th, a ticket played at Ressac, Jard-sur-Mer press house, was chosen by the French Games.

a woman from Jard-sur-Mer who plays regularly at the Euromillion was surprised to win a million euros thanks to the random code of My Million.

By subscription

This player uses a five-week subscription (two codes per draw on Tuesdays and Fridays).

She went to La Roche-sur-Yon, La Française des Jeux, to receive her check in the presence of Stéphanie Huard, sales manager in the sector.

The new owners, Philippe and Sophie Tartrat can only congratulate themselves on this gain which will certainly strengthen their sales.

Do we ever know.

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