Fuel Prices Go Up, Gasoline at the Highest Level Since 2013

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Fuel prices have been rising in France since February 2019.

While the price of diesel is very close to its peak in October 2018, just before the start of the yellow vests, the executive is considering a cap on taxes on fuel prices.

Readjusted in January 2019, pump fuel prices continued to rise in the country’s petrol stations. To avoid a further growl of the French, the government would consider moderating the tax and cap prices in case of a prolonged increase in the barrel of oil.

The litre of unleaded 95 (SP95) petrol reached 1.5802 euros, up 1.69 centimes, its highest level since April 2013according to the latest score from the Ministry of Ecology and Transition Solidarity. The litre had indeed peaked at 1.5994 euro the last week of March 2013, before losing a few tenths of a penny the first week of April 2013, then never again equal or exceed until today 1.58 euro.

On Friday, April 26, 2019, the price of unleaded 95 containing up to 10% ethanol (SP95-E10) reached 1.5554 euros, up 1.39 centimes.

The price of diesel near the peak of October 2018

At the last score, the unleaded 98 (SP98) displayed at 1.6402 euro per litre, gaining 1.33 centime while diesel(1.4818 euro, up 1.47 centime) is more than ‘five  cents from the peak he had reached in October 2018, ie a few weeks before the first day of mobilisation of the Yellow Vests, Saturday 17th November

Fuel prices had however experienced three consecutive months of decline, including November, until they returned to the red in February 2019.

Infographics. Discover the evolution of fuel prices at the pump since December 2016:

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