Easter: A Medieval Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April in Lomme

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Medieval Easter Egg Hunt in Lomme

The traditional medieval Easter egg hunt, organised by Secours populaire, returns to Lomme (Nord) on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April 2019. Program.

For the 5th year in a row , Secours Populaire du Nord is organizing a large egg hunt in Lomme (North). The particularity of this lommoise egg hunt, which takes place in the park of the House of the children : it is themed medieval.What is waiting for you, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 April 2019.

As a starting point, the City of Lomme announces on its website :

Dames and squires, go for the 5th edition of the Easter egg hunt organised by the Secours Populaire Lomme! Fill your chocolate egg stock for the coming year but also come to discover two historical periods: the time of the Vikings and the XV th  century.

For two days, camps and activities will be offered on these two themes to inform the public on the customs, customs and everyday life of civilians and warriors of these two periods of our history.

Medieval fun this Easter in Lomme
Medieval fun this Easter in Lomme

In the program :

  • practicing archery;
  • strolling musicians;
  • storytellers;
  • course of the little knights;
  • play areas;
  • discovery of the work on the chain mail and stained glass, food of the time, medicine, etc. ;
  • “The legend of Guinefort”, a greyhound that was canonized in the Middle Ages.

The opportunity to enjoy the sunny Easter weekend in the Lille metropolis, and at the same time give funds for the good cause!

Practical information:
Medieval egg hunt, Saturday 20th April at 3 pm and Sunday 21st April at 11 am, Children’s House Park (avenue de Dunkerque in Lomme). Prices: € 2.50 (- 12 years old) / € 3.50 (adults and more than 12 years old). 
Snacks on site. The proceeds from this day will go towards financing the EFCC projects in Cambodia that accompany children living on the Phnom Penh landfill. 
To find out more about the actions carried out by Secours Populaire du Nord, visit the association’s official website .

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