Clashes and Degradation in Toulouse during Act 22 of the Yellow Vests

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Charge of the police during the demonstration of "yellow vests" on April 13, 2019 in Toulouse.

Thousands of “yellow vests” manifest in France, Saturday 13th April, 2019, for the act 22 of the movement. The situation is particularly tense in Toulouse. Details.

Thousands of “yellow vests” demonstrate Saturday 13th April, 2019 for the act 22 of the movement, mainly in Toulouse , “capital” for a day, where the tension has risen early in the afternoon between police and protesters, few before announcements of Emmanuel Macron supposed to put an end to a crisis of nearly five months.

Tear gas and stun grenades

Tension rose a little in the Pink City between the procession and the police, who threw tear gas and stun grenades to reduce the perimeter of the protest, banned from downtown and Capitol Square.

In the early afternoon, in the centre, a construction trailer and a van were set on fire.

Maxime Nicolle in Toulouse

“You have seen: everything was going well and they gass” outraged the AFP Maxime Nicolle, said Fly Rider, a figure of the movement, came to reinforce the city, just like Priscillia Ludosky, another figure “yellow vests”.

This event, like those of Bordeaux (a few hundred people), Laval (about 400), are the first to take place under the impact of the anti-crash law, particularly targeted by the “yellow vests”.

“My freedom to give my opinion today it is forbidden to me, if I mask my face can be put in custody, I am scandalized,” indignant in the procession Toulouse Pauline, a thirty-year-old “yellow vest From the first hour, coming from the neighboring Ariège.

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