Charente: The Water Tower at Saint-Michel Keeps its Antennas

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In the Charente, the water tower at Saint-Michel keeps its antennas

The Administrative Court of Poitiers has rendered its decision in the case between the Orange telephone operator and the town hall of Saint-Michel (Charente).

The judges pronounced the annulment of the decision of the town hall, which refused, on February 8, 2016, to grant to Orange the renewal of the convention of occupation of the public domain concerning the relay antennas installed on the castle of disused water of the municipality.

Antennas remain in place, but Orange will pay € 14,000 to the municipality, corresponding to rents that have not been collected since February 2016.

Mayor Fabienne Godichaud maintains that the water tower is in poor condition and that its access is dangerous. It also considers that the waves emitted by the antenna are harmful to the health of the inhabitants of the municipality. Lastly, it adds that the new land use plan of Saint-Michel now prohibits the installation of telephone relay antennas.

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