Celine Dion Makes a Surprise Visit to the Wedding of Two of her Fans

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Celine Dion makes surprise visit to her fans wedding

While Celine Dion’s tour is about to start in North America, the singer has been invited to a wedding in Los Angeles.

American marriages still confirm their differences on ours. In Los Angeles, Kate and Jason did not hide their surprise when Jimmy Kimmel appeared on a screen in the middle of their relationship, Friday 5th April, 2019.

The star host in the United States took the role of priest to marry the two spouses. Then, the doors of the chapel open. And there, surprise (again), the singer Celine Dion arrives in the room to sing a piece (at 4’05 in the video).

And what a piece! The Quebecker sang Because You Loved Me , one of her most beautiful love songs.

The couple began to dance as if nothing had happened among the guests of the wedding, mixed with those of Jimmy Kimmel. All live on the ABC channel.

The video, posted on the show’s YouTube channel, reached more than a million views in five days after it went live. In the comments, viewers question the reaction of the couple and the real surprise of the arrival of Celine Dion.

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