Big Speeding in Sarthe: A Sixty Year Old at 177 km/h instead of 90!

Local News
Sarthe Gendarmes caught motorist speeding at 177 km/h

It is a big speeding that the gendarmes of La Ferté-Bernard noted, Monday 8th April in Sarthe: a sixty year old was driving at 177 km/h instead of 90 on a departmental road!

Very big speeding, yesterday, Monday , April 8, 2019 , late morning, in the Sarthe .

The gendarmes of the La Ferté-Bernard platoon in the Sarthe caught a motorist travelling at 177 km/h instead of the authorised 90 km/h on a portion of the departmental road 323 at Vouvray-sur-Huisne.

In other words, the driver, a 65 year old driver from the Sarthe, was driving at a speed close to double that allowed!

His driver’s license was immediately withdrawn.

And the sixty year old was also left without his vehicle, a Peugot 508, which was immobilised.

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