A Woman Wakes Up After 27 Years in a Coma

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The woman has spent 27 years in a coma

A woman from the United Arab Emirates, victim of a car accident in 1991, came out of a coma last year in a German hospital. Her son had never lost hope.

A miracle. An emirate aged almost 60 woke up in a German hospital after … 27 years in a coma,  local media reveals The National, Monday 22nd April, 2019.

When she was 32 years old, this woman from the capital Abu Dhabi was the  victim of a car accident in 1991 in the east of the country . Her car collided with a bus, and she was seriously injured in the head trying to protect her four-year-old son in the back.

“She wakes me up so that prayers can be recited together”

Admitted to emergencies, she was in a coma. The doctors, who gave her very little chance of survival, warned her family that she would probably never reopen her eyes. She was then admitted to a German hospital where she underwent several operations.

Her son, Omar Webair, now 32, has never lost hope and visited his mother daily. After many years, the woman stammered a few words in June 2018. “It was her. She called me by name, I was overjoyed, tells the son to our confreres of the National. For years, I dreamed of that moment. ”

Now the woman manages to say several words and say where she is hurting. “Sometimes she wakes me up to recite prayers together,” the son continues.

The patient continues treatment in Abu Dhabi. Omar Webair concludes with a message for families living in a similar situation: “We must never lose hope. “

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