A Three Year Old Boy Blocks an iPad … for 48 Years

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Three year old blocks iPad for 48 years

An American journalist has published a photo of his iPad blocked for 25.5 million minutes! A bug that is possible to fix by reconnecting the device to iTunes.

This Apple user will have to wait … 25.5 million minutes before he can reuse his iPad . Sunday 7th April, 2019, an American journalist published a photo of his tablet on Twitter, where it is written that he must wait for long (and endless) minutes before trying to connect again. 

A three-year-old boy tried “by mistake” to unlock him several times, blocking his iPad.

The wait is … 48 and a half years! 

A bug

How is it possible ? As stated on the 01.net website , the more you fail to try to unlock an Apple device, the longer the wait to unlock it will be long. But arriving at 25 million minutes results from a huge bug. 

“In some rare cases (an empty battery for too long), a device re-initializes its internal clock and returns to January 1970, waiting to connect to Apple’s servers,” said our colleagues. 

Connect to iTunes or restore the device

If you ever get this error, you can try to connect your device to iTunes via a usb connection, “hoping that the real date will be synchronized”. In the worst case, a complete restore will be necessary, and you will lose all your data.

Or you can also wait until 2067 that everything is unlocked naturally. 

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