Yellow Vests: An Investigation Opened in Nice after the Injury of a Protester

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Investigation launched in Nice after injury of yellow vest protester

An investigation was opened in Nice on the circumstances in which a protester in her seventies, whose family is going to lodge a complaint, was seriously injured on Saturday.

An investigation was opened in Nice on the circumstances in which a protester in her 70s, whose family is going to lodge a complaint, was seriously injured on Saturday during a police charge against demonstrations of ” yellow vests “. learned Sunday at the prosecutor’s office.

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Nice prosecutor Jean-Michel Prêtre told AFP he had opened on Saturday afternoon “a traditional investigation into the causes of injuries.”

“I ordered the capture of the video images, also of excellent quality, and made requisitions near the Pasteur Hospital”

Mr. Priest who also had Geneviève Legay, 73 years old , Saturday evening by a medical examiner.

“She was taken care of by firefighters with a relative emergency rating, and when she arrived at the hospital, she ended up with a medical assessment mounted a notch, termed a reserved prognosis “

“She apparently hit hard on a pole (demarcating the course) of the tram. This was done in the “dispersal phase” of the rally, which took place in a perimeter where demonstrations had been banned, the prosecutor added.

Several fractures and hematomas

The firefighters had evacuated Ms. Legay conscious despite his injuries and the blood pool visible in his head, AFP reporters said.

The activist of the association Attac suffers from several fractures to the skull and subdural hematoma, according to his daughter.

“When we stand in a protest after the regulatory summons to say that people have to disperse, it’s a crime. For her, it’s not so clear: where it happened, it was almost out of place, in a confused movement of law enforcement and protesters”

On Sunday, the Keeper of the Seals sent her wishes of recovery to the protester while wondering about her approach. “I still find it strange that when an event is banned, as was the case in Nice, someone goes absolutely with the will to demonstrate at this place,” said Nicole Belloubet on BFMTV .

“There were some perimeters, in some cities, where demonstrations were prohibited,” she detailed.

” Following summons, a person who remains there is likely to commit a crime and it is in this context that the events happened”

The family complains

The family of Ms. Legay decided to file a complaint for “willful violence in armed meeting by persons holding public authority and vulnerable person,” said AFP family lawyer, Arié Alimi.

The complaint, which “will be filed Monday in Nice,” will also target “the prefect as an accomplice by orders,” according to the lawyer.

“The police charge has been very violent. Ms. Legay (…) was very badly injured. She is this morning in a stable state and not in a coma, as we feared, “he added.

Saturday, the demonstration of “yellow vests” had been banned in much of the city of Nice, for fear of overflowing before the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was to have dinner with Emmanuel Macron Sunday night in Beaulieu-sur-mer .

A total of 61 people were taken into custody on Saturday, of which 20 were released Sunday morning, said Mr. Priest.

Recalling that Mrs. Legay was her spokesperson in the Alpes-Maritimes, Attac denounced the “violent charge” of the CRS and deemed “illegitimate” the prefectural ban.

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