Yellow Vests: A Deputy from Aveyron wants to Suspend the RSA for Convicted Protesters

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Yellow Vests: A Deputy from Aveyron wants to Suspend the RSA for Convicted Protesters 1

Arnaud Viala, deputy LR of Aveyron, has tabled a bill to suspend the RSA payments for Vandals convicted in the margins of the demonstrations of yellow vests.

After the vote of the law on Vandals, should it still harden the tone towards the condemned Vandals on the margin of the demonstrations of the yellow vests? For this elected of Aveyron, the answer is yes.

For armed persons … or not

Wednesday, March 20, 2019, the deputy LR of Aveyron Arnaud Viala has tabled a bill, co-signed by 21 other deputies , “aimed at suspending the rights to RSA for people who are guilty of abuses during the events and who are to be beneficiaries of this service “.

This is what the text says:

If persons who engage in damage to public roads and / or public or private premises during an event, they are already liable to fines and / or imprisonment and additional penalties, it is conceivable to supplement this repressive arsenal by suspending their rights to the RSA. It is necessary to deprive of the active solidarity income (RSA), envisaged in the article L. 262-1 of the code of the social action and the families, the “vandals” who are beneficiaries, and this, because of their participation (army or not) to a crowd, their armed participation in a demonstration or public meeting authorised or direct provocation to an armed crowd.

Arnaud Viala, deputy The Republicans of Aveyron.
Arnaud Viala, deputy The Republicans of Aveyron. (© Facebook / @ Arnaud Viala)

According to the elected member of the Republicans, “it is not tolerable that French citizens, benefiting from social benefits, can degrade public or private property and attack the police with the intention of undermining to their physical integrity “.

After act 18 yellow vests

This bill had been tabled a few days after the major damage done on the Champs-Elysees during act 18 yellow vests, Saturday 16th March 2019.

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Arnaud Viala also reported to have co-signed a proposal by the Republicans to “perpetuate the exceptional bonus” introduced by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron in December 2018, to respond to the movement of yellow vests. Measure that remains in effect for businesses until March 31, 2019.

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