With Ami One Concept, Citroën relies on 100% Electric in the City

The Citroën Ami One Concept is designed for the city, accessible without a license, so from the age of 16 years.

Citroën is perpetuating 100 years of innovation and daring at the service of freedom of movement by presenting at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show its Ami One Concept, a 100% electric vehicle

Since 1919, the history of Citroën has always been a reflection of its era with unconventional and revolutionary vehicles, which have become iconic in the hearts of motorists.

On the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show , Citroën reinvents itself and unveils in preview its uninhibited approach to the object of urban mobility . Like the 2 CV which brought freedom of movement to the greatest number, the Ami One Concept frees urban mobility for all with its unique, popular character, advocating a new experience.

Permit is not necessary

Accessible without a permit, therefore from the age of 16 , Ami One Concept rethinks the customer journey and offers “à la carte” use, from five minutes to five years, ranging from carsharing to buying, including renting.

Agility, cleanliness, safety

Citroën imagined the Ami One Concept as an alternative to public transport and other individual transport that are 2/3 wheels (bike, scooter or scooter). It is an ultra-compact 100% electric vehicle, 2.50 m long and 1.50 m wide for two passengers looking for mobility and agility in the city, thanks to its 8-mm turning circle. m between walls, its roof to be protected in bad weather.

As for the interior, it is characterised by a rationalisation of the number of materials and aspects.

Friend of the smartphone

Access onboard the Friend One Concept is via a smartphone. Its locking and unlocking system is ensured by reading the QR Code present on the aluminum base of the door handles. Once installed, the driver is invited to place his phone in front of him, in the dedicated slot for this purpose.

Once the smartphone is placed in this wireless charging zone by induction, the conversation between the Ami One Concept and the user can begin to manage his route, his destination, his communications, his music and ask for the guidance towards the terminal of recharge nearest or reserve a parking space.

Symmetry as a principle of economy

Combining intelligence and economy of design, the Ami One Concept offers new possibilities thanks to its symmetrical parts such as the fully identical doors on the right and left inducing a differentiated sense of opening (driver side antagonist for better accessibility, classic passenger side ).

Same principle with the front / rear faces of the repeated elements and the inverted layout (bottom front and top rear fascia), the identical bumper bottom (partially concealed on the front and uncovered) at the rear to fix the plate), the identical wings diagonally with their bumpers at the front and at the rear, the same side sills right and left or the four pieces forming the mirrors and door handles involving a assembly game with different mounting directions.

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