UK: More than Three Million People Signed the anti-Brexit Petition

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More than 3 million sign online anti Brexit petition

The success of the anti Brexit petition posted on the site of the British Parliament by an unknown person is indicative of the level of concern of the population.

The outcome of the British soap opera is near. On Thursday night, UK Prime Minister Theresa May accepted the two “scenarios” offered by the European Union (EU) on a Brexit postponement. The British will therefore leave the EU on April 12th, at the earliest, or May 22nd.

But many millions of people obviously have another idea to put an end to the vagueness surrounding Brexit. Between Wednesday night and this Friday, 3 pm, more than 3.1 million Internet users have signed an online petition calling for the cancellation of the UK’s exit from the European Union. Well over the threshold of 100,000 signatures needed to provoke a debate in the British Parliament.

A high level of worry

The success of this petition launched by a citizen and posted on the site of the British Parliament is indicative of the level of concern of the population. According to a survey released this Friday, four out of ten Britons felt anger, helplessness or worry as the deadline approached.

In detail, 43% of respondents say they felt helpless, 39% anger, 38% worry and 17% high levels of stress over the last 12 months, according to this survey. on behalf of the Association for Mental Health to some 1800 people.

Conversely, the prospect of Brexit is far from generating enthusiasm: they are only 9% to see a reason for hope, 3% a reason for rejoicing, and are only 2% to have confidence in the following the process.

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