He Drinks a Coca Cola and Discovers a Mouse Inside the Can

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Mouse found inside can of Coca Cola

Damien, a resident of Seine-et-Marne, said he discovered a mouse in a can of Coca Cola. Horrified, he would like to understand how this is possible.

The kind of sip that leaves you with a bitter taste and a very bad memory. On March 7, 2019, Damien, 34 , a resident of Varennes-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne), buys with colleagues a pizza and a Coca Cola near Fontainebleau .

He returns home after a day’s work and drinks his uneaten can during lunch. But at the moment of putting the can in the garbage, surprise,  he discovers a mouse inside. 

Horrified by his discovery, the young man calls Coca-Cola. The firm then asks him to kindly send him the can in question. But Damien refuses. “If I give them, I have no more proof in my possession,” he explains to the Republic of Seine-et-Marne , quite up against the American brand.

“There was a flaw in them at the level of hygiene. It is disturbing and it could happen to others.”

Fear of leptospirosis infection

Damien quickly calls his doctor to ask for a blood test for fear of infection with leptosrosis , a bacterial disease transmitted by rodents. “The doctor told me that the gastric juices must have killed any bacteria,” says Damien.

Not reassured for all that, the Seine-et-Marnais turns to the hospital center which directs it to the anti-poison center. “They asked me to be vigilant about my health for 21 days. ”

Damien also wished to file a complaint at the police station. “They refused and told me to find out about the internet. ”

Coca Cola defends itself

It remains to be seen how the mouse was able to end up there. For Damien, “either the mouse was in the can before the soda was poured into it. Either she was in a coke vat, and the liquid was poured with the animal into the can. ”

Hypotheses denied by Coca Cola. Contacted by Le Parisien , the American company indicates that its cans are “systematically cleaned and rinsed by powerful jets, and are subject to constant control ensuring their perfect hygiene.”

“We are waiting to receive information from the consumer to carry out in-depth investigations. Today we can not establish the veracity of this information “

A voucher in compensation

While waiting to learn more, Damien, not holding a doubt, went back to the soft drink. “But not in a can, he says, bottled and I look well before.”

It still has a bittersweet taste when he thinks of the compensation proposed by the red and white brand: a simple voucher to buy a pack of Coca …

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