Essonne: A Police Officer Injured Again During a Check in Draveil

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A police officer injured again during a check in Draveil

On Wednesday 27th March, during a vehicle check in Draveil, an officer was injured on the knee by a vehicle trying to escape

Wednesday 27th March, at the stroke of 8.30pm, a crew from the Draveil police station decides to control a vehicle on a street in the city.

The doors of the car were open and two individuals were nearby. At the arrival of the police, one of the individuals quickly boarded his vehicle. After making contact, he sought to dodge control.

In his escape, the offender overthrew an officer who was trying to stop him, before stamping the police vehicle and some cars parked in the street.

Slightly injured knee

The police officer, a student peacekeeper on probation, got up with a slight knee injury .

The driver has not yet been arrested, but he has been identified.

This fact is reminiscent of what happened on March 5th in Montgeron . A driver had also spilled an agent during a check, seriously injuring a hand.

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