Cherbourg: Three Dead including Two Children, an Inter-Family Murder

Local News
In Cherbourg, three people dead including two children

FIRE: A burnt body, mother in Shock, two children dead, a third child is in a “very serious but stable” state

Three people, including two children , died this Saturday in  Cherbourg  in an apartment where firefighters intervened for a fire.

On their arrival, the firefighters discovered “three children, wounded by knives and having lost consciousness”, and “in the room where the fire broke out, a burnt body”, explained the prosecutor Yves Le Clair.

The mother in shock

Excerpts from the apartment, these three siblings, born between 2005 and 2012, were cared for in the lobby of the building by the Samu but two of them died on the spot, said the magistrate. The third, a girl born in 2007, was evacuated by helicopter to Caen where she was operated. She is in a “very serious but stable” state, he said.

According to the first elements of the investigation, entrusted to the SRPJ of Caen, the mother was absent at the time of the tragedy. In shock, she was hospitalized and could not be heard.

The body found in the apartment is “very degraded and has not yet been formally identified. But it could be the father, “said Yves Le Clair.
The prosecutor is moving towards the track of intra-family murder .

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