Adeline Blondieau: Victim of a Burnout, She Recounts her Ordeal

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Adeline Blondieau: victim of a burnout,

To give too much in the work and in her life as a mother, Adeline Blondieau burned out. A traumatic event for the former actress who managed to bounce back after a huge empty run.

Recently recognised as a work-related illness, burns strike a large number of people. And he spares no one, let alone celebrities. Among those who have gone crazy are Jennifer Lawrence, Britney Spears but also Rihanna, Kanye West and recently Justin Bieber . But it is not only across the Atlantic that people are overworked . In 2016, comedian Muriel Robin confessed to Marc-Olivier Fogiel in the Divan having gone through this painful ordeal  : ” The burnout, we are in a house whose four walls are intact but the interior is burnt. Depression, we feel we are sad, others are sad. We have compassion, a future, we want to eat, we feel things … A burn-out, we feel nothing,  “she described in a chilling narrative.

Three years later, it was Adeline Blondieau’s turn to talk about this long fight she led to the disease. Interviewed by the Belgian site 7sur7 , the former star of Sous le Soleil came back on the malaise she experienced and the solutions she adopted to be able to cope: ”  I met with cheffes Swiss companies that had burned out and were meeting to talk about it. They learned from this burnout and its consequences. I realised that I should not be ashamed and confine myself with guilt,  “she explains openly.

Adeline Blondieau reveals the underbelly of her burnout

But before going any better, Adeline Blondieau lived a hell : ” I realised that I was completely burnt. I was alone locked in my body. I could not talk anymore, no more walking. And I saw everyone continuing to move forward “.  The son of Johnny Hallyday’s ex-wife also suffered the consequences: ” He did not want to see me anymore because I had lost 12 pounds. He saw a ghost in the place of his mother. When I could speak, I stammered. […] I was a kind of vegetable. My son did not deserve to have a mother like that” .   A reflection that allowed him to move forward despite what the doctors said: “[They]told me that I was doomed, that I would not talk anymore, that I would not walk anymore. […] Some people are so burnt that they can not get back to a normal life”.  Fortunately for her, Adeline Blondieau found the strength to get by.

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