Weather in Lorient: Generous Sun Shine and Spring Temperatures this Weekend

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The weather in Lorient will be nice and warm this weekend

WEEKEND WEATHER: The weekend forecast for Lorient and the surrounding area, promises plenty of sunshine and spring like temperatures …

The weather for Lorient, on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February 2019, the central European anticyclone blocks the active disturbed flow in the Atlantic center. As a result, the sun will often be visible in Lorient and temperatures quite mild.

Saturday 23rd February, 2019

In the Lorient region , mists and fogs at dawn evolving towards a sunny sky in the second part of the morning. Nice feeling at midday under a sun and a beautiful upturn mercury. In the afternoon, the sun very generous despite fine sails of high altitude is embellished with a beautiful feeling of sweetness. Misty formations by the littoral border as soon as the sun sets. Weak to very weak winds from south-east in the morning, from south to south-east in the afternoon with a light breeze effect from the afternoon on the littoral margin. From Kerroc’h to Guidel Plage: swell south-west 1.5-2 m. Min: 5 / 6 degrees; max: 14 / 15 degrees; (from 4 / 5 degrees to 15 / 16 degrees north of “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac”). Dominant cloudy and foggy evening; 9 degrees at 8pm and 7 degrees at  midnight.

Sunday 24th February, 2019

Rare mists at dawn before a beautiful sunny morning with a rapid rise in mercury. Generous sun and feeling of sweetness at midday. In the afternoon, the omnipresent sun of Groix in the country of Plouay via Lorient is accompanied by a beautiful sweetness with spring accents. Low east wind prevailing from dawn to sunset. From Kerroc’h to Guidel Plage: West swell 1.5-2 m. Min: 5 / 6 degrees; max: 14 / 15 degrees (from 4 / 5 degrees to 15 / 16 degrees north of “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac”). Clear skies in the evening; 9 degrees at 8pm and 7 degrees at midnight.

Strong Contrast

What a strong contrast with last year. Under the effect of a strong anticyclone focused from sub-Saharan Africa to Scandinavia, a large mass of very mild air (+ 10 ° / + 12 ° to 1500 m altitude) is about to rise to the North Sea. Just a year ago, a large mass of cold air (-15 ° / -10 °) was about to descend from Russia to France. We went from what felt like -15 ° in the shade to + 20 ° in the sun this weekend.

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