Sud Gironde and Lot-et-Garonne: Job Alert for Saturday 23rd February

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Job alert for Sud Gironde and Lot et Garonne

Eight job vacancies to fill quickly in Lot-et-Garonne and Sud-Gironde

In partnership with the pole emploi employment centers of Langon and Marmande, 8 job offers to be filled quickly in Caudrot, Créon, Verdelais, Monségur, Tonneins and Marmande

Offer 083LBXW –  Educational and Social Support in Collective Structure (M / F)

Within a nursing home of 73 beds, you will have to accompany the residents in the acts of the life:
– Help with the rising
– Help with the bedtime
– Toilets
– Surveillance of the residents
– To answer the calls of the residents –
Treatment of emergencies
– Maintenance of places of life
– Participation in animations
Fixed-term contract 12 months
Cont. Professionalization
35H Normal hours
Salary: according to profile

084BSMT  –  Tourist residence consultant (M / F)

33 – CREON
Reception and Information Management
– Greet and inform the public physically and telephonically
at the Tourist Office and during events and events
– Management of the reception area: ensure the maintenance of the space, order, cleanliness
– Treat requests for information (letters, e-mail), promote local tourism potential
– Collect, classify replenish and highlight tourist documentation and display
– Update availability, propose and carry out accommodation reservations,
events and tourist products
– Marketing the products sold by Entre-deux-Mers Tourisme
(guided tours, shop, ticketing, …)
– Ensure the satisfaction of visitors – Good command of office tools (Word, Excel, …)
– Enjoy with digital animation tools Possibility of travel throughout the Entre-Deux-Mers
Work weekends and days holidays
Position to be filled on Targon then Créon
Contract for a fixed term 7 months
35H Work on Saturday
Monthly salary 1522 euros for 12 months
Travel: Punctual Departemental

084BYSK – Night Care  Aide (M / F)

The caregiver contributes to the overall or individual care of people,
in liaison with other stakeholders, within the multidisciplinary team.
It participates:
– in collaboration with the nurse, to care to meet the needs
of maintenance and continuity of the life of the resident and to partially
or completely compensate for the lack or decrease of their autonomy.
– to the execution of hygiene and comfort of the person (toilet, meal, lift)
– to a physical supervision of the persons received
– to a perfect knowledge of the different devices in case of emergency: emergency plan,
devices security, evacuation plan …
– the continuous improvement of the quality approach and the development of good
professional practices, particularly in terms of well-treatment.
Submission of applications before March 4, 2019 by mail or mail. Fixed-
term contract 6 months
35H Normal
hours Daily hours
Salary: according to convention

084BGMZ –  Management Controller (M / F)

Accounting and financial missions
– Preparation, monitoring and budget and financial analysis – Monitoring the progress
of orders not received and not invoiced.
– Forecast Management of the Treasury and daily monitoring
– Preparation of the Statement of Revenues and Expenses (EPRD)
and the Multiannual Financing Plan (PGFP)
– Elaboration of
institutional documents (EPRD, management report, financial account)
– Dashboard Analysis of Operating Expenditures
– Monthly Monitoring of Budget Execution (Dashboard)
– Preliminary Report: Proposal to Trustees (ARS, CD, CR) Budgets
of renewal, new validated measures and CPOM in progress, prices of day prices,
– Sub-annual reports (RIA), Decisions modifying (DM)
– Realization of synthesis works, writing of summary notes and procedures
– Closing of the year – Debt management Missions Billing Fixed-
term contract 6 months
35H Normal hours
Salary: salary according to experience

084CBCX –  Babysitting at home ( m / f)

We are looking on Tonneins for childminders
Newcomer accepted
CAP, BEP or equivalent Early childhood required

084BZZB – Intervener (M / F)

We are looking for a childcare worker in the Marmande area.
Wednesday afternoons from 1:15 pm to 4:00 pm.
Sector of Beyssac
Beginner accepted

083XMDH –  Industrial Electricity Team Leader (M / F)

Attached to the Project Manager and the Works Manager, you are
in charge of the preparation, launching and follow-up of
high and low current electrical installation work .
You carry out your mission with a view to optimizing returns,
deadlines, costs, equipment supply, and security.
More specifically, you will be brought to:
– Supervise and coordinate the activity of your team on the most important business,
– Realize, inside and outside buildings, the installation work of electrical order,
– Set up the electrical equipment and ensure its commissioning,
You will be responsible for the safety of the people you supervise.
Safety at work is everyone’s business!
You will be in charge of your own safety and vigilant for those of others.
qualifications or training required: B2 / B2V, BC, BE, BP, BR, H0, H2 / H2V
5 years of experience required
Electrical engineering or equivalent

083XLMN –  Industrial Electricity Project Manager (M / F)

You are in charge of the preparation, the launching and the follow-up of
electrical installation work Low Current and Low Current.
Respect and optimization of returns, deadlines, costs,
material supply , and security. Your main missions are to supervise and coordinate
the activities of the different internal and / or external teams on one or more sites
and enforce safety: Animate teams on site: carry out team planning
, facilitate site meetings (safety talk)
Participate in the launch of the case, Coordinate the activity with other bodies,
Follow the progress site technique: follow up budget hourly,
anticipate the management of orders and supplies of materials
from the supplier, manage the site equipment,
provide technical assistance, quality control
Mandatory electrical requirements: B2 / B2V, BC, BE, BP, BR, H2 / H2V, HC , HE
5 years of experience required
Baccalaureate or equivalent Desired electrical
technician Technician
Annual salary from 25 000.00 to 30 000.00 euros over 12 months

083XLVL –  Electrical Assembler (M / F)

You realise, both inside and outside buildings,
electrical installation work . You put in place the electrical equipment.
Your work is done with a constant concern for security.
Your Main Missions:
Connect transformers / HV cells, put into service and log (install toroids, etc.),
Carry out all industrial and tertiary type routing
(cabling machines, slabs and C / C CFO and CFA) and draw cables,
install and to connect industrial electrical cabinets, to
read and respect electrical plans, to
make technical surveys for elaboration and or modifications
of plans and electrical installations,
Install and connect equipment (lighting, fire alarm,
access control, VDI, television, etc.)
Commission electrical equipment.
Guarantor of your safety and that of others.
Mandatory electrical qualification: B2 / B2V, BC, BE, BP, BR, H2 / H2V, HC, HE
Annual from 20,000 to 25,000 euros over 12 months
CDI Marmande
3 years experience
Bac or equivalent Electricity industrial equipment required

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