Nantes: 15th Demonstration of Yellow Vests on Saturday

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In Nantes, Act 15 of the yellow vests will be protesting

A gathering of Yellow Vests is announced from 1 pm, Place Bretagne, Nantes, this Saturday 23rd February.

For the fifteenth consecutive week, a call to protest is launched for this Saturday, February 23, in Nantes. The appointment is fixed at 1 pm, Place Bretagne.

Already, Semitan has announced changes to its network, in view of the planned event. Bus and tram lines will be cut in the city center between 1 pm and 7 pm (1) .

Note that the movement of Yellow Vests also calls for a reunion in Rennes, this Saturday 22nd February, for the entire West.

Tram line 1: cut between Médiathèque and Duchesse-Anne.

Line 2 of the tramway: terminus at 50-Otages.

Line 3 of the tramway: cut between Brittany and Hôtel-Dieu.

Line 4 of the Busway: normal route.

Line C1: cut between Copernicus and Foch-Cathedral.

Line C2: terminus at Talensac.

Line C3: cut between Copernicus and Gare SNCF Sud.

Line C6: cut between Delorme and Foch-Cathedral.

Line 11: cut between Copernicus and Foch-Cathedral.

Line 12: cut between Talensac and Foch-Cathedral.

Line 23: cut between Copernic and Talensac.

Line 26: cut between Gaston-Veil and Delorme.

Line 54: terminus at Delorme.

Airport shuttle: terminus at SNCF South station.

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