Microsoft Buries Internet Explorer Browser

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Microsoft urges its users to abandon the Internet Explorer browser.

Microsoft advises you to stop using your Internet Explorer browser. It is out of date since 2015 and therefore no longer supports the current standards of the web.

Internet Explorer will soon end up in the trash. While many companies continue to use this pioneer of web browsers, Microsoft advises to no longer use it.

In a note titled “The dangers of using Internet Explorer as the default browser,” Chris Jackson, a cybersecurity specialist for Windows , explains all the reasons why this search engine is out of date.

Internet Explorer (IE), whose first version was released in 1995 , “does not support the new standards of the web”. Since the release of the Microsoft Edge browser in 2015 , the company no longer updates Internet Explorer.

An advertisement for Microsoft Edge?

“Although many sites work properly,” eventually, IE users may no longer have access to new services. Indeed, developers are no longer testing their programs on Internet Explorer but on “modern browsers”.

The ad nevertheless looks like a disguised advertisement for the new browser of the American firm, Microsoft Edge. The latter is only compatible under Windows 10 .

As an alternative to Internet Explorer (and Edge), users can also use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , or Opera.

By the end of January, Microsoft had already buried its mobile Windows 10 smartphone operating system .

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