Internet: Alert on a Large-Scale Attack Underway

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Internet alert as a large scale attack is underway

Massive cyber attacks are underway against internet domain names, an internet gendarme alerted Friday

The international organisation that assigns Internet addresses (ICANN) warned Friday 22nd February, that massive computer attacks were underway against Internet domain names, which define the addresses of the sites, in the world.

These computer attacks consist in “making unauthorised changes” in the addresses and “to replace the addresses of the servers” authorized “by addresses of machines controlled by the attackers,” said the organisation in a statement.

The hackers “are attacking the internet infrastructure itself,” an ICANN official told AFP.

“There have already been targeted attacks but never like that.”

Protection protocol

ICANN “believes that there is a significant ongoing risk on important parts of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS)”, in other words the addresses of the websites, has also wrote the organisation, which calls on domain name managers to take appropriate action.

Specifically, it calls for deploying a protection protocol called Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

The organisation, based in California, manages the system of online domain names that the general public knows in the form of .com or .fr site addresses for example.

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