Yellow Vests Play Cat and Mouse in Lille and La Madeleine

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Yellow Vests in Lille play cat and mouse

In small groups, the Yellow Vests blocked the entry of the highway to La Madeleine, followed by the police force in Old Lille this Saturday 19th January, 2019

Act X Yellow Vests in Lille (North) this Saturday, January 19, 2019 led a small part of the procession in the Old Lille.

The demonstrators blocked for a few minutes the Schumann boulevard between La Madeleine and Lille, which leads to the entrance to the motorway. Then, they dispersed in Old Lille, followed by the police.

Yellow Vests block the highway in Lille
The demonstrators blocked Boulevard Schuman, between La Madeleine and Lille. (© Amandine Vachez)

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