“Yellow Vests”: Macron “No Longer the Choice, You Must Share Power” according to Laurent Berger

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Laurent Berger speaking about the crisis with the Yellow Vests

SOCIAL: According to the general secretary of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, there is “a risk” that France tomorrow “looks like Italy or Hungary” ..

President Emmanuel Macron “no longer has the choice” and must accept “an inflection with social policies that reduce inequalities” and “restore the power of intervention to citizens,” said CFDT Secretary General , Laurent Berger , in an interview in the Sunday Journal .

“We must share power and involve more intermediary bodies and citizens. So there is a question of method and priorities: tax justice, ecological transition, distribution of wealth, participatory democracy, “said the leader of the first French union in this interview published the day after an 11th Saturday mobilisation of ” yellow vests”.

“No contact” with Macron for a month and a half

Without making the return of the ISF a “totem”, Laurent Berger believes that, “in one way or another, it is necessary that the higher incomes are more put to contribution”. “We have to put out the fire collectively. We can not live in a hysterical society, let us talk responsibly, “asks the union official.

“If the government is able to hear, so much the better. Otherwise the crisis will worsen, “he predicts, seeing” a risk “that France tomorrow” looks like Italy or Hungary. ” Laurent Berger repeated in this interview that he had “no contact” with the President of the Republic for a month and a half.

“But that’s not the subject. The real subject is this debate, this opening up of windows to change things, to have more social and fiscal justice. And above all, its outcome, “he warns.


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