Yellow Vests: Eric Drouet is Released from Custody

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Eric Drouet, accompanied by his lawyer (g), leaves his custody Paris, January 3, 2018.

Eric Drouet was arrested for “organising an undeclared protest” on Wednesday night near the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Two days of an 8th Saturday of events …

The yellow Vest Eric Drouet was released from custody on Thursday 3rd January. His arrest in Paris provoked the indignation of the opposition of right and left, two days of an 8th Saturday demonstrations in several cities in France.

Seine-et-Marne ,driver of road for Seine-et-Marne , controversial figure of the movement, was arrested the night before near the Champs-Elysees, where he had called for lead an “action” and “shock public opinion”.

“A terribly disturbing face of Emmanuel Macron”

Displaced support of the movement, Marine Le Pen denounced a repression of the executive. “The good wishes of December 31 and the systematic violation of the political rights of his opponents draw a face terribly disturbing Emmanuel Macron,” said on Twitter the head of the National Rally.

France’s rebellious leader, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, reacts just after the arrest of the man for whom he confessed his “fascination” . “Éric Drouet again arrested” Why ” Abuse of power “, “he tweeted.

“A totally arbitrary arrest”

On Thursday, LFI MP Éric Coquerel was indignant at Franceinfo for “real persecution” against Mr. Drouet and the “yellow vests”.

Taxing the government of “amateurism”, the president of the Centrists, Hervé Morin, called him “out of arrogance and contempt” vis-à-vis the “yellow vests”, which mobilized in France for a month and half to claim including more purchasing power.

The only “crime” of Éric Drouet was to place “candles (…) on the Place de la Concorde in Paris to honor the victims dead yellow jackets”, also said his lawyer M e Cheops Lara, denouncing arrest ” totally arbitrary “.

He had already been arrested on December 22

On December 22, Mr. Drouet had already been arrested during the “Act VI” demonstrations in Paris for “carrying a prohibited weapon” – a stick – and will be tried on June 5 in correctional .

His custody can last a total of twenty-four hours.

The government and the majority have defended the arrest of the road haulage driver from Melun, in the name of the rule of law, trying to appease the spirits to two days of “act VIII” movement of “yellow vests”.

“When someone organises an event when it is not declared, it is because it does not respect the rule of law,” said the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, on France Inter .

“In a Republic, order is important (…) The Republic is not anarchy,” said the Minister of Public Accounts, Gerald Darmanin, on Cnews.

“We can not stop anymore”

Initiated on November 17th, the mobilisation has decreased significantly in recent weeks but new calls to demonstrate Saturday in Paris, Bordeaux, Martigues or Nice, have been launched in recent days on social networks.

“We can not stop because we have raised so many things, raised so many hares,” said Laure, a “yellow vest” of Bordeaux.

Despite the head of state’s concessions at the end of the year and the launch of a major national debate to examine their demands, including a citizens’ initiative referendum, the determination of the “yellow vests” seemed intact.

“If we must, we will hold until next year”

“We’re off again, we’re not ready to give up, and if we need to hold on until next year,” said Johnny Toulouse, a sexagenarian who presents himself as one of the leaders of the movement in Nice and claims, like many others, the “resignation” of Emmanuel Macron.

The authorities also remain on the alert for possible excesses this weekend after the violence that has enamelled previous mobilizations in Paris or Bordeaux.

Since the beginning of this protest protean, more than 1500 people were injured in the demonstrators and nearly 1100 in the police. Ten people have died, most of them in the margins of roadblocks or roundabouts.

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